Making Ticket Ready For Work(RESOLVED)

Following the discussion at this thread. I found it a necessity to create this ticket in RA so that the desired logic in the qa technical workflow can be achieved. I want this ticket to be made ready so that i consume it in order to achieve the desired goal in QA.
cc: @jwnasambu @grace @gcliff @christine @sharif @k.joseph

Did you see this, is it related to what you were trying to create in here

The two contains identical result. Should I then drop this ticket in the RA dashboard. And then enroll on this present in the QA Dashboard

No objection thanks , you can use the same code you have addressed here in that pr thanks, will make it ready for work

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@sharif Do you mind migrating this ticket from its current state to a consumable state

Share the PR on RATEST-100 its where we are tracking all latest quality assurance tests , so i think we dont need to migrate that ticket in Referenceapplication jira thanks

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I agree :+1:. However, i meant making the ticket ready for work

can you please check again

Thanks @sharif

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Welcome and thanks for keeping the work up to date :ok_hand:

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Please check my response on the ticket


Thanks @k.joseph