Making the DHIS Connector Module functioning again

Hello there,

As per the decision of the COVID-19 Squad to make the DHIS2 connector module functioning again, I’ve identified some issues with the core functionalities and fixed them with the following PR:


@k.joseph Could you please review and merge it?

Meanwhile, we created a new Jira project for this module,

Please Feel free to contribute ideas and PRs! :heart_eyes: :hugs:

cc: @grace @ibacher @dkayiwa

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I had raised a question on which DHIS2 connector to focus on, whether to keep pushing this one or build upon the Jembi one which has actual production usage but did not hear back

@grace What was the final decision on that?

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@ssmusoke This is referring to the the module that Jembi used to use. Note that, as far as we’ve been able to determine, Jembi no longer uses it, so it’s a bit rusty, but @jayasanka is doing great work to get it into shape.

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So now the official position is to use the OpenMRS DHIS2 connector not the Jembi one

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@ssmusoke They are identical. Jembi initially developed it, but then migrated the module to the OpenMRS repo. Latest commit to Jembi; latest commit to OpenMRS. We’re simply doing development under the OpenMRS repository because it’s easier permission-wise.


@ibacher Thanks for the clarification, that is awesome!!