Making extension points in 2.x discoverable and probably documentated

Apparently we do have several extensions points in the reference applications and it appears like we don’t have clear documentation of what they are.

I suggest we have an admin (system developer) help page in the UI that lists out all extension points with their descriptions.

Speaking about descriptions, most extension points have their descriptions as message codes that are not translated, it would be nice to make sure they are translated going forward.

As part of the admin UI work, we have the notion of extensions that will be groupings, and the items to add to a grouping are added via other extensions which need to know about the groups’ extension ids, this implies we need to have these included too on the help page for extensions too so that they are known/discoverable.


+1 to having a sysadmin-directed page that shows all the available extension points in the system.

+1 to also showing the extensions that are connected to those points

I think it’s most valuable to ensure that each extension point has a description in English. Localizing the extension point descriptions (which only sysadmins would see in an advanced view) feels very low priority.

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I have created this issue: