Making a pull request

I wish to be advised on how to make a pull request. When i run the command, “git pull --rebase upstream master” i get a response that upstream does not appear in the git repository and it cannot access the repository.

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Hello @gracebish

Use git remote add upstream " url of repo" to add the upstream repository


You need to set a remote called upstream which points to the main repository. You can set this using

git remote add upstream <>

You can refer this guide which talks about the development process.


@kangbreder and @captaindavinci. Thanks ! that works.

Hello @gracebish , are you still blocked

Sure. I can’t trace the PR URL on GitHub

Ok i think you may have missed some steps , Ok Let me try to make them steps a little simple


To create a pull request(PR), Firstly , you Fork and You clone the repository from openmrs github, depending on the ticket you are working on. following this here. link.

  1. After cloning into your local machine, Go to the directory you have cloned your repository and make sure it is set . forexample . C:\Users\Gracebish\Tickets\openmrs-core. Type pull --rebase upstream master, to pull all the latest changes on the master branch. this command updates your local branch to the upstream .In other words you can start working having all the assurance that your branch is latest to the upstream master. (upstream means openmrs master, origin is your reomote branch that you cloned residing on your github account).

  2. From here create a branch from master, Again this branch must be updated from upstream master using @git branch checkout -b “Name of the branch”

  3. Make your changes and send the pull request, You first push you changes or commits to the origin (this is your remote repository.) then you can create a pull request for review. hope might be of help


Thanks @sharif. Let me follow the instructions once again.

Hi @gracebish

Hope this article would help you

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I found this video instructive when starting out, but even now it is always a run to…

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