Making a poll with pictures

I want to see if I can make a poll with pictures as the choices, so using the meta category to test it out.

Which person is a dork?

  • Paul 1
  • Paul 2

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It works! Though, there are some tricks to make it work well…

  1. Use the gear :gear: icon in the editor and select “:bar_chart: Build Poll” option.
  2. Enter placeholders for choices – e.g., “Photo 1” and “Photo 2” on separate lines.
  3. After inserting the poll, it will create text like this in your post:
    [poll type=regular public=true]
    * Photo 1 
    * Photo 2
  4. Add an appropriate header above the poll
    ## Choose which photo your prefer:
  5. Copy each photo into your clipboard and then paste in place of the options (i.e., “Photo 1”, “Photo 2”, etc.)
  6. When you paste an image it will produce text like:
    ![image description|100x100](upload://343755df6fc647418eddcfb3e4e9659e.jpeg) 
    Edit the image description text to be an appropriate brief (2-3 word) caption available for people who cannot render the image and then change the size in pixels (or add it using the form “widthxheight”) following the vertical bar. Be sure to use the same proportions to avoid distortion. Aim for height ~100 pixels and width < 600 pixels if you can for best results (use your judgement, using the preview pane as a guide).