Make login page layout configurable

We have recently being having a session with the UgandaEMR team on how to build on top of OHRI and make customisations and one of the things that came up was if it was possible to customize the login screen to make the username, password and maybe even location appear on a single screen rather than different screens. Is this something that can be considered or added to the pipeline?

cc: @bistenes @zacbutko @pauladams @grace


I’d be fine with that. I think you (or your team) will have to implement it yourselves. For configuration elements, I suggest passwordOnSeparateScreen (default true) and locationSelectOnSeparateScreen (default true).

As far as implementation goes, the password part will probably be quite easy. The location picker I think will require some redesign if it’s going to fit into the same screen. For that reason you might want to implement the passwordOnSeparateScreen toggle first and the location one later.

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