maintainer happiness: github saved replies

Hello maintainers!

I just found out that github has saved replies ( :slight_smile: If you are not yet using them try it, it might save you a lot of work!

I am tired of repeating myself when it comes to how new contributors should write a commit title/message, have only one commit, rebase on the latest changes, format their code, or point them to our or external resources to get more information, …

You can write detailed replies, save them and reuse them on comments, PR reviews, …

To set it up go to your github settings, then on your left in the menu hit Saved replies and start writing. Then on a PR when commenting you can select a reply by clicking the arrow


happy reviewing!


Wowww!!! Thanks for sharing :smile:

Just added it as a resource link to

Feel free to edit as you see fit. :slight_smile: