Mailing List mode broken in Discourse within the last few days?

I have been using Discourse with “Mailing List Mode,” with the “email for every post” option since more or less the start. Yesterday morning I got a summary email (and noticed that I hadn’t gotten emails about posts in a few hours). I asked about this on IRC, and @michael said that things are working fine.

I looked at my Discourse settings and saw they looked like this:

So I changed it to this:

However this morning I also got a daily summary, and did not get any emails. And when I went back to my settings page it was showing “Send Daily Updates” again. In fact every time I try to save it with the other setting, then look at my settings page, it goes back to “Send Daily Updates.”

Is the “Send me an email for every post” feature broken?

Hmm. Are you sure you clicked the blue Save Changes button at the bottom of your preference page?

That said, I see that when I reload my own preference changes after saving, it keeps reverting to “Send Daily Updates” both here and on the Discourse community site. I’ll report that bug and see what becomes of it.

A fix has been tested merged and is now live. Please confirm when you get a chance and report back here?

Thanks for being first to report this bug! :bug: :trophy:

I have gone to my settings and re-saved that one. It looks like it stuck this time.

(Of course, since I wasn’t getting email notifications, I only noticed your replies when I manually came back to this topic because @mogoodrich asked me if I had stopped getting talk notifications, and I wanted to send him a link…)

I.e. if you have mailing list mode set, and it’s in digest mode, you will not get email notifications even for topics you’re watching.

Same thing had happened to me. But now it seems fixed.