Loss of synchronisation between OpenMRS and OpenERP (Odoo)

Patients have stopped syncing between Open MRS and OpenERP after adding services in an invoice on OpenERP. Read that have to change Atomfeed username id and password in the .env file for it to work if I am changing the admin login details. Have changed the same but it still does not work.

Running Bahmni on Docker in Windows.

@shubhankar1992 Could you please check the same issue on our environments at https://docker.standard.mybahmni.in/, which uses Odoo 10, or https://odoo16.standard.mybahmni.in/ (still under development), which uses Odoo 16? Kindly verify if the issue can be replicated in our environments. Additionally, please share the odoo and openerp-atomfeed-service logs so we can troubleshoot the issue further. Thank you.

@rahu1ramesh I have attached the Odoo connect logs odoo.txt (3.2 MB)