Looking to support Bahmni Implementation

Hi all my name is Syed I am from the UK and I am looking to join an existing team or organisation that is either implementing Bahmni or in the process of wanting to. I have a varied skill set which I think would be useful from developing and facilitating training workshops to helping with funding bids I also have project management experience My background is mainly in directing and producing film and theatre as well as development work in the public and third sectors I have experience of working in the NHS and training clinical staff. I am fluent in Bengali and can understand Urdu Punjabi and Hindi well. I am willing to give my time on a voluntary bases for up to 8 weeks.

Thanks Kindregads Syed Ali

I could use some help for sure…Could you share your contact details?

Hi HPal

sure you can email me at sas_consultancy■■■■■■■■■■■■

FYI @syed Talk doesn’t let you put email addresses in a message. Please send hpal a private message.

Thanks Darius

Hi Hpal

I was reading up on best practice for using talk it might be a good idea to post what kind of help you need so if I cant help someone else might be able to help Please bear in mind I am a beginner here(no dev skills but hope to get impleme ntation expereince so that i can be more useful) although if any of my skills might be of help to you happy to talk further will pm u my email feel free to email me if you think relevant thanks