Looking For Project Managers, Business Analysts, Project Owners

Hello, I am working with OMRS leadership in crafting an introduction to Project Management, Business Analyst, and Project Owners. This would be a way to assist these roles to become more engaged and know where to go to get started. A good first start to this would be for those of us who are in these roles or would like to be in these roles to discuss what’s currently being done as well as what we would like to see done in the future. May I get a headcount of who is currently doing this type of work or would be interested in assisting with this?

Thanks, Chris Power

Hi Chris,

I’m Dave DeSimone, the full-time Business Analyst for Partners In Health. This sounds like a great idea. I don’t have a ton of time to build out documentation but I would be happy to share with you what I do and to help by reviewing anything put together.

Thanks, Dave

Hi David,

Sounds perfect, I can always use a second pair of eyes and opinions.

Who else do we have on the operations side?