Looking for opportunity to visit some clinic at Nairobi that use OpenMRS ?

Hi Dear all I’m a clinic manager for a future camp clinic in Mogadishu. I want to use OpenMRS on my Clinic site. I am looking for an opportunity to meet and visit people who could show me the practical use they have in their clinic. Is there anyone from the community in Nairobi who could help me ? I don’t have advanced computer skills, just practical knowledges about software. Thank you in advance for your answers. I have a planned stay between 26 and 29 September in Nairobi, probably. Delphine

@ningosi @wanyee do you have any one in mind? :slight_smile:

We have many implementations of OpenMRS/KenyaEMR around Nairobi and its environment. We are glad to give directions if needed.

@delphine we have a Clinic in the outskirts of Nairobi with OpenMRS running. Please see details of the same here: https://bandahealth.org/what-we-do/in-action/

We can schedule an demo at our office in Nairobi if that would work for you.

Do let me know. Thanks, Jeremy.

Hi Nicholas For sure, I should need help, if you have any advice ? What kind of clinic, you can advice to me ? Delphine

Hi Jeremy It seems interesting, but it is the version adapted Open MRS that you set up? Your office and private hospitals are in Nairobi or in periphery? I shall have but a short time, and I can not go very far. Thanks for the precision, you can give to me. Delphine

Hi Daniel, I did not know some people or clinics right now in Nairobi. Then I looking for contacts. Delphine

Hi Delphine,

We are actually running OpenMRS. Our offices are in Nairobi but the clinic is a bit of a way off from Nairobi. Let me try sending you directions to our office.

Thanks. Jeremy.

Dear Jeremy

Sorry to reply late to your kind proposal, but we were waiting for our invitation letter and airline tickets to contact you. I give you my email address: delphine.rompillon@adenservices.com. We will be from Monday 25 to 26 September in Nairobi. Do you think it is possible to arrange an appointment at your office during these 2 days? Best regards Delphine

Dear Delphine,

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, it will be possible to schedule an appointment on any of these 2 days. I have sent you an email with directions to our offices.

Thanks, Jeremy.