Looking for interviewees for anthropological research on the OpenMRS community

Hi everyone,

My name is Sarah, I’m currently enrolled in the MA program Visual and Media Anthropology at the Freie Universität Berlin. For my Digital Anthropology class I’m doing research on the OpenMRS community. In order to get a better understanding of your community I would like to conduct a few interviews.

I’d be happy to speak to everyone who’s interested in sharing his or her experience of being part of the OpenMRS community - from the newcomer who just recently joined it as well as the long-term contributor who helped to build this community over the years. What is your role? How does your workflow look like? What are your motivations? … Additionally it would be great to speak to the community manager or someone else from the leadership who could provide me with more general information on community structures, guidelines etc.

As the output of my research will be a machinima (short film) I would need to (at least) record the audio of our conversation.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hi @ibatista, would you be up for an interview? Or could you maybe help me to connect to others? That would be great! Thank you!

Hey everyone,

I’m still looking for members who would participate in my research project. The interviews I’d like to conduct are “easy”, there won’t be any complicated questions on hard facts, there won’t be any right or wrong answers - it will be about your personal experience, the meaning this community has for you… I understand that this might seem a bit “off topic” to you and that most of you are really busy with other things - the point is that talking to members of the community is an integral part of my research! I’m happy, if you could lend me even 10 minutes of your time!