Looking for implementation partner in Mumbai

Dear All,

My name is Ratul Lahiri and I am based in Mumbai, India. I am a start-up entrepreneur in the healthcare space and setting up a chain of chemotherapy day care centres.

I am looking from tech experts from the Community ideally based in Mumbai who can help me in configuring the Bahmni platform for managing my entire operations. I am looking at managing patient registration, patient lifecycle management, task assignment, billing and discharge report and also need an EMR facility for storing patient records as cancer is a terminal illness.

I am looking to connect with developers who have worked on this platform and have implemented multi-tenancy as I will have centers across the country and everyone will be using this single platform.

Interested ppl can reach out to me at ratul@purpleribbon.health


cc @darius @angshuonline @mksd

Hi @ratullahiri,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome here!

Can you detail a little what you expect to achieve with multi-tenancy? Do you want each clinician to see only their own patients?

Hi @ratullahiri

Welcome to the community.

We would be happy to help you with implementing Bahmni.

I have reached out to you through email.