Looking for help to implement OpenMRS

Hi All,

I want help to implement OpenMRS on a cloud server. i am not a programmer but has tried my best to do it with the wiki part.

My wife is a god gifted medical practitioner who has mainly focused on curing than just treating the patient.

i would like to help her by providing this so she can always refer her past medical cases to derive medicines.

i am looking to have the current exact version of OpenMRS which is currently hosted on demo.openmrs.org

a quick help will be highly appreciated.

Many Thanks


@twaraashish You can use the standalone version for OpenMRS, should work the same. You can follow these steps listed. Really not sure about having openmrs on the cloud.

cc @cintiadr @burke

Thank you,

But hosting on a cloud would be much more helpfull as it can be accessed from various locations

Probably then you can have a look at this https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Installing+OpenMRS+on+Amazon+EC2

hello @twaraashish, you can also look at the implementater documentation on OpenMRS wiki page,

Use the links in the on the document for guidance. In case you find any problem, feel free to ask seek for help.

I have tried my best to do but as I am not a programmer so I may be doing some mistake.

Hence was looking for help.

In this context you can use openmrs docker files for hosting your server, ofcourse they are alot of configurations behind @mozzy can give more details cc @mozzy

Hello @twaraashish ,

If your going to run on AWS , then follow the steps listed above.

Or else ,

  1. You should be able to ssh into your remote virtual machine ,
  2. Easiest approach is to install Docker and Docker Compose on your remote virtual machine
  3. Follow steps here https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Installing+OpenMRS+on+Docker
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@twaraashish , Could you also give some details of the machine you want to use ie

  • Do you want to convert you local machine into a server on network ??
  • Do you want to Host on AWS ??
  • Do you want to use some other remote virtual machine as the host machine ??

I do not want to convert my local machine to a server.

I have not tried hosting it on AWS.

I opted out for cloudjiffy which is based on jellastic.

Following wiki and some other sources I have tried doing it and successful installed it and landed to the page of Add-on Manager.

But later as I start loading the add-ons I get the 500 error.

Many thanks

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  • which wiki page did you follow ??
  • what Bundle have you installed , have you installed a Platform or a Reference Application ?
  • How are you running the application , on Docker , Enterprise Installation or Standalone ??

Just need to get more information to brainstorm

I am using the following wiki page https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Implementer+Documentation

have installed the following platform.

Reference Application 2.10.0

Individual Components for Advanced Installation

Released 06-April-2020

I am running the application on cloudjiffy which is based on jellatic.

as i am not a programmer i am unable to know the cause of the error 500.

it mostly happen when i upload the appframework.

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@twaraashish You can show the logs by pasting them here http://hastebin.com/ that way it’s easier to know the error

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i can see your running TomCAT 9 and java 14.

The recomended enviroment would be Tomcat 7/8 ad java 8.

and , i would rather simply create a Docker enviroment to run the aplication , rather than SettingUp the Enviroment manually

Its all yours, please go ahead. i highly appreciate your help.

I will provide any information you require.

Many Thanks

Ill try to help you deploy it. Sorry am not yet so familiar with Cloudjiffy , am not so used to working with pre-configured platforms. I usally do al the installtions and configurations manually. I will get it running soon.

Many Thanks…I am obliged

hello @twaraashish , sorry ive been off since friday , ill see the best way i can do it. ill try to see if i can shh into any of those VM. personally am not confortable with configuring stuff via GUI, id rather shh in and do all the installations manualy

@mozzy, Many Thanks for all your support and help. I would also like to thank @odorajonathan @sharif @jnsereko for all their support too.

I have been successful to deploy and start OpenMRS. the problem was with the version of Tomcat and Mysql which i corrected after the suggestion made by @mozzy.

Now i am just facing a issue with the Appointment module. Where can i set the time zone in the module as currently it is miss matching with my current time zone which id GMT +05:30.

can you change your computer time zone to UTC ??