Looking for a server with existing XForms

Hello OpenMRS,

I’m working on enabling filling xforms on iOS devices but I can’t get my hands on an existing server to build a prototype now, so If anyone can refer me to one that would be great

I tried demo, devtest01, devtest02 none have it.

Thanks in advance.

Can you just use your development environment?

If you mean setting a server on my local host and work with it, I did that already but I’m looking for real world examples.

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This will guide you to create one in your dev environment: https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/XForms+Module+User+Guide

Already did that. I’m looking for real world examples.

Hopefully some people here will share some of their forms. You might also check Form Bank - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki but I think most there are HTML forms.

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If you can create an xform out of the forms that ship with the core demo data, that should be it!

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What’s the ‘core demo data’?

I assume @dkayiwa is talking about: https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/RES/Demo+Data

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I also presume that you need to share a concept dictionary with folks using xforms. We (MVP) have xforms for immunization history and pediatric visits, but you will require the CIEL dictionary to use them.

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That will be great!

Yousef, when you run the openmrs platform for the first time, it takes you through the database setup which has an option of installing demo data.

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