Looking for a OpenMRS Developer!

Hey Guys!

My name is Nick Popiel and I am a recruiter here in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m actually doing some research on OpenMRS and the more I read about it the more interested I get. I think the mission behind OpenMRS is a good one to get behind. With that being said, I could use your help.

The Centers for Disease Control here in Atlanta is looking for an OpenMRS developer. I’m just reaching out for some direction. I don’t know if you or anyone you know anyone off hand would be willing to help out, or if you can just point me in a direction.

Feel free to reach out to me at (404)682-5857 if you would rather communicate that way.

Thanks! Nick Popiel

Brief Job Description:

  • OpenMRS Developer
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Help design and Develop new applications
  • Start Date-ASAP
  • Qualifications-5+ years of experience developing Java Applications in an Agile Environment -Experience developing and working with OpenMRS -Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems Management or related field
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