Looking for a guest speaker - Nov 14, 2 P.M. Eastern time zone

Hello Everyone,

I teach Healthcare Information Technology (IT) at George Brown College, located in Toronto (Canada).

On Nov 14, the topic of my session is Health IT in low-resource environments. I will give a 1-hour lecture on this topic, and to make it more interesting for the students, I’d like to bring on someone who has actual health IT experience with OpenMRS in a low-resource environment.

Please e-mail me at therese.bernier@georgebrown.ca if you would like to be a guest speaker, 60 minutes, no more than 90 (I want to be respectful of your volunteer time), and we can discuss further.

Thank you for taking the time to read this note!

Good morning/afternoon/night (as Jim Carrey said in “The Truman Show”)


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