Logo at front end of Bahmni

Hi friends, Please how can we put a hospital’s logo at the login page of bahmni?


Can you provide a screenshot of the pages where you are hoping to put the logo?

The quick and dirty option is just to save a new image with the same file name in the same location on the web server as the old Logo

@gsluthra we would like to have it on top of the login area

@omrslearn : Sorry to say that we don’t have that feature right now. We noted your requirement. You can track the status of your requirement @card status

@sravanthi17 Thanks so much!

@sravanthi17 and @gsluthra, please where can I find the html file and the css file for the bahmni login page? Thanks!

Those html files are minified and uglified. You can’t directly edit them. However you can find the minified html files under /var/www/ inside your vagrant. Folder name is bahmniapps.

@padmavati Thanks, how about the css files? same?

Yes it applies the same with css files as well.

Thank you!

The release v0.89 of Bahmni now allows you to customise the login page – so that you can add your own Logo & Welcome text. For more details please read this: https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/display/BAH/White+Labeling+of+Bahmni