login failed at Localhost:8080

Hello @herbert24 , @jwnasambu , I was successfull running openmrs on a http://localhost:8080/openmrs/spa/login .

But hav failer at login :slight_smile:

here is terminal view : Screen Shot 2022-02-26 at 10.14.12 PM

could you drop your full error logs on paste bin

The error is not yet solved

Oh sorry! do you mind sharing the screenshot of the error you are getting on your server side?

@josephkagimu1 was your issue sorted?

alright I hav been working upon it though not yet done, still working upon the same issue my friend @jwnasambu

What is the problem you are facing now?

@josephkagimu1 Kindly just incase you need help, let me know. Am pushing my work for review then we can sync if that is okay with you. That will after an hours time.

@jwnasambu I cloned the openmrs-esm-template-app , I started it on my machine and tried to input my ‘userName & password’ but it couldn’t proceed, is there any missing installation or something else .

Kindly hope you are using the right username/password. Can you try out with the following credentials username admin2 password Admin123

thanks @jwnasambu that worked fine but mine failed yet I got permition to access the wiki,

Here is the result , But am curius at this some simple starting guide please @jwnasambu and thanks for everything .

Oh sorry! what has failed gain?

At this point the guidance was successfull no error just going for another task @jwnasambu thanks