Log4J Security Vulnerability - IMPACT on Bahmni (CVE-2021-44228)

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A very urgent security issue was made public on 10-Dec-2021 in a well-used library, log4j-v2 that affects many web services (see CVE-2021-44228 - Log4j 2 Vulnerability Analysis - Randori Attack Team 22).

While this is a severe vulnerability that affects many Java based applications including DHIS2 (see announcement) and OpenMRS (see announcement), it should be noted that it should NOT affect Bahmni installations UNLESS you use

  1. Two-factor auth module (Link)
  2. PACS integration (Link)

Bahmni (all versions) run on Log4j v1.x and not on v2.x. This specific CVE cannot be exploited with the default configuration of Log4j v1.x, which ships with Bahmni. For details see the following announcement by Red Hat (link: Red Hat Customer Portal - Access to 24x7 support and knowledge). It states that:

  1. Note this flaw ONLY affects applications which are specifically configured to use JMSAppender, which is not the default, or when the attacker has write access to the Log4j configuration for adding JMSAppender to the attacker’s JMS Broker.
  2. Applications using Log4j 1.x may be impacted if their configuration uses JNDI as described above. Therefore Red Hat Product Security has rated this issue as having MODERATE severity impact.


  1. Since Bahmni by default doesn’t ship or use JMSAppender, we don’t see any need for Bahmni deployments to take any immediate action.
  2. If you are using any of above two modules (two-factor-auth or pacs-integration) then please go ahead and do the following as immediate mitigation from the issue

Run the following command on your server to recursively find all log4j-core JAR files, starting from the current directory, and remove the vulnerable JndiLookup class from them. For full coverage, the command may be executed from the root directory of your project or server.

find ./ -type f -name "log4j-core-*.jar" -exec zip -q -d "{}" org/apache/logging/log4j/core/lookup/JndiLookup.class \;

Once done restart pacs-integration

sudo systemctl restart pacs-integration

and stop-start two-factor-auth application

java -Dloader.path=/home/bahmni/.bahmni-security/ -jar two-factor-auth-VERSION.jar


We do recommend that servers running Bahmni or within the same network still check for existence of log4j-v2.x in other applications/machines, to ensure machines don’t get compromised. To do that, you can run a wildcard search on the machine for log4j.jar and ensure none of the results on the machine are for log4j v2.x. If so, please check which application is loading that version of log4j, and patch it as suggested in CVE links above. You could still have situations where log4j is in an embedded .war file or .ear file, so - it is best to check security announcements of any products installed on that server that run on java.

As a long term mitigation we soon plan to release a hotfix in-order to upgrade Bahmni to a more safer and stable version of log4j.

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List of other softwares which have log4j vulnerabilities: https://gist.github.com/SwitHak/b66db3a06c2955a9cb71a8718970c592

This can help in checking if any of these softwares are in your network.

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One can also use the opensource tool Syft for searching whether a folder or server machine has log4j anywhere as a dependency.

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Good day,

We have analyzed the impact of log4j security vulnerability in Bahmni We do have 18 repositories in which we need to make changes in

Below is the document which we are referring to https://logging.apache.org/log4j/2.x/manual/migration.html

We started working on it and we are planning to release Hotfix by 17-Jan-2022

@n0man @gsluthra @angshuonline @binduak @swatigogia @buvaneswariarun @mohant @abinaya @sanofersameera @abhinab @soorya @akhilmalhotra @kavitha11 @arjung @deepthi

The impact that @rohit.yawalkar is referring to is for another vulnerability CVE-2019-17571 which is on v1.x (version Bahmni is using). This vulnerability have been around for quite some time now and likely still cant be exploited if we arent doing desalinization - not sure. This is the reason we decided to uplift all of Bahmni to latest version of log4j (including Two-factor auth module and PACS integration).

Quick update: We still have a few repositories left to migrate in addition to testing and reviews. Our next tentative date is 28th Jan for making the release. Thanks

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Quick Update: We have raised PRs for repositories with log4j changes. By this Tuesday(8th March) we can get the bahmni installer.

@ajeenckya @arjun @mksrom @pramidat @ramashish @shivarachakonda @binduak @swetha184 @laxman @anandpatel @snehabagri @sushilp @sushmit @vmalini @dipakthapa @ramashish @pradiptakundu @mddubey @rrameshbtech @mddubey @iadksd @mwelazek @michaelbontyes @buvaneswariarun @praveenad @sanjayap @florianrappl @apaule @mwelazek @som.bhattacharyya @tejakancherla @rabbott @gsluthra @wolf @mdg583 @gsluthra @akhilmalhotra @n0man @swatigogia @mohant @abinaya @deepthi @kalavatisingh

Please see this announcement by @rohit.yawalkar for beta testing: