Location Based Access Control - GSoC 2018 Mid Term Presentation


I have attached my midterm video presentation view with this thread.

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Nice work, @suthagar23!

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Why NOT just reference the person attribute uuid directly other that creating a global property that will have that copy as a value? What if someone decides to change that value to something else and forget to update the person attribute uuid?

Otherwise good Job

Thanks @burke :slight_smile:

Thanks @ningosi for your suggestions

Actually we don’t know the created personAttribute UUID before creating that one in the system by the user. So the only way is that we need to hardcore the person Attribute creation inside the module startup function to create it by the module.

Since we need to give the way to create the person Attribute for their needs, and map that person Attribute to the Location based access control module through the global property. It will help to the end users who already created a personAttribute for their location custom usage, and still they can join that person attribute with our module.

A nice addition would be to help the user create/select this person attribute as part of your module’s configuration in its administration page(s). For example, an admin screen that includes a brief description of the purpose of a person attribute (why it is needed and how it is used by the module) and, if no person attribute has been linked, shows a list of existing person attributes and lets the user select one or directs them how to create a new one and return to select it. If a person attribute has been linked, then the user could change it on this page. The management of the global property would be handled behind the scenes for the user.

Thanks @burke for your suggestions. I will work to make this better as you suggested :slight_smile: