Location API returning 404 after importing Bed Management module into OprnMRS 3

Hello Guys,
I am currently working on integrating the Bed Management module with OpenMRS 3 and have successfully imported it into the module management system. You can view the integration in the attached screenshot below, and modifications to bed information are also possible from the admin panel.
However, I am encountering an issue on the front-end. Specifically, the API call to /openmrs/ws/fhir2/R4/Location?_summary=data&_count=50&_tag=Login+Location and /openmrs/ws/fhir2/R4/Patient/63cd14d5-e700-436b-82af-f669b75bfcb7?_summary=data are returning a 404 error.
Could anyone provide insights on why this might be happening or how to resolve it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Found the solution. This happens when a module is uploaded through the admin ui. I have to restart the server after uploading done.