Local Server Instance does not load after deploying openmrs-core-2.5.0-SNAPSHOT

I have set up a local running server of openmrs and have deployed the openmrs-core latest version of the master branch from github to the server instance. After this, when I run the server it runs and stop immediately I open the localhost port on my browser Logs here

cc @ibacher @herbert24

what happens when you give the server some time to complete with the updates, that takes some few minutes, a green progress bar will show up to show the progress

well looking at your logs, do you have your database started?

Yeah I do, and i have at first ran the server before i updated the core to 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT When i give the server some time to complet it takes hours instead of minutes.

try dropping the database you had created and repeat the process of installation again,are you using the sdk or a container like tomcat?

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Okay let me try that.

I’m using SDK

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