List of all patients

Hi community, please do we have a way to get the list of all registered patients in system in order to get the number.

Thank you.

Hey @jess , you can configure reports to get all the registered patients.

@gokul thank you to reply

Is it not possible to get them, in the clinical, when go to all. get the list of all the registered patient with number in order to know the Total patients @gsluthra may you help, any idea?

Please type % and press Search. That usually lists all the patients.

@gsluthra unfortunately it does not display all patients, is it not possible to display it like this like described here but it is not clearly explain on how to do it.

Thank you.

I tried this out here:

And I entered “%” and I could see all patients listed (40+). Not sure if there is an upper limit on no. of patients returned. You want an ALL patient list screen that lists all patients? That would have a performance impact.

@gsluthra i see i understand, please do we have a way to know the number of patient enteredin the system. Thank you

You can use a SQL Report (Select count(*) from Patient table)

@gsluthra i have tried it and here is the configuration:
“hospitalActivities”: { “name”: “Hospital Activities - Number of Clients Served (New and Total)”, “type”: “obsCount”, “config”: { “sqlPath”: “/var/www/bahmni_config/apps/openmrs/reports/sql/number_of_clients.sql” } } the report does not appear, @mohant can you help also please.

Thank you.

It should be in reports.json.("type":"MRSGeneric") See this: