Liquibase Provider Errors - e.provider_id for tables without a provider

In the process of running an upgrade from 1.11.6 to 2.x, I am running into a strange error for liquibase changesets which as for e.provider_id

  1. Error from this changeset

  2. Error from this changeset

@mogoodrich would you have run into this with the provider management module - it seems strange since none of the tables being touched have direct links to the provider table

Do you get the same error if you try to manually drop this foreign key constraint from the database?

The error is in the precondition not the actual changeset

Tip of the day: when troubleshooting, do whatever you are told, even when it may not make sense to you. :smile:

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@dkayiwa :sweat_smile::wink::exploding_head: Thanks for the tip

@dkayiwa Works for #1 but not #2

The strange thing is that #2 totally has nothing to do with providers

What happens when you manually try to drop the “report_definition_uuid for reporting_report_design” index from the database?

I dropped it but no change the error still happens

How does the current error log look like?

Did you get any error while manually dropping the “report_definition_uuid for reporting_report_design” index ?

@dkayiwa Nope I did not, but just to make doubly sure I will restore the database and check again … Will update this post in the morning

In your database, do you have any table named “import” or just as part of its name?

@dkayiwa only metadatasharing_imported_item and metadatasharing_imported_package

Similar error was reported here Platform upgrade

Can you describe the reporting_report_design table?

And what does show tables return?

Just reading this very quickly, but is this different than what @ningosi linked to above?

(Just ignore if you’ve already checked, that, wanted to point it out again just in case… :slight_smile: )

Thanks @mogoodrich was just reading through that and its different