Liquibase Failing on the server+ CIEL Load


I am facing a weird issue where a liquibase change set works completely fine locally but when i try to run it on the server it fails. I cant see the liquibase related logs inside the log file on the server. I can see them locally.

Here is the changeset

As soon as I remove this changeset from server, everything works just fine.

Can someone tell me, what could be the possible issue? Also is there a config to see liquibase related logs in the server logs?

Do you think that you can share the server log at


Looks like your precondition is missing some attributes e.g. author, id etc.

@wyclif updated the code with image in the post.

@wyclif we removed the preconditions and still had the same issue

Can you share the new server log after removing the preconditions and run again?