Liquibase changesets with invalid preconditions


There is 3 preconditions that fails if one pre-loads the CIEL dictionary before installing OpenMRS, this is due to 3 changesets that seem to me to have invalid preconditions, below are the links to them,

  • 201402120720-TRUNK-3902 - The precondition should not be negated with the not tag

  • 20170707-TRUNK-5185-1 - Index name in the precondition should be concept_reference_source_uuid_id and not concept_reference_source_uuid_idx

  • 20170707-TRUNK-5185-2 - Index name in the precondition should be concept_reference_map_uuid_id and not concept_reference_map_uuid_idx

@mogoodrich do you know why the X’s had to be appended to the index names in the preconditions?




I can create a ticket and fix them, we will need to back port the fix to the relevant branches.


Thanks @wyclif. Could this be related to the version of CIEL dictionary used? I’ve also experience this kind of error testing the platform with version 2.2 which does not appear with version 2.1 of the CIEL dictionary.

The issue is that when you load the CIEL dictionary, it drops, recreates and populates the necessary concept related tables, this means that after you load CIEL for your OpenMRS version, all concept related tables are already updated, so if you run the install wizard afterwards which is allowed, any changeset that has pre-conditions that are not properly authored with this in mind, you run into duplication exceptions.

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Created and worked on

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Ugh… sorry, I assume it was just a typo and/or a cut-and-paste issue on my part and the tables should have had the “x” at the end… sorry about that, liquibase errors are quite annoying.

Can we change liquibase preconditions without running into changeset hash errors?

Take care, Mark

Yes, changing a precondition doesn’t alter the md5sum, at least when I tested.

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Cool @wyclif that makes it a lot easier!

FYI, I already fixed them

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