liquibase changesets errors while deploying open concept lab module

I’m deploying openconceptlab-1.2.4.omod to openmrs version 2.1.2 and webrest module version 2.24.

Adding the module to the running openmrs instance logs the following error which prevents the module from running

I’ll appreciate suggestions on how to fix this @ningosi @raff @dkayiwa @suthagar23 @corneliouzbett

In your database, do you have a table named import? If yes, are you using it for anything?

I have the table and it has data, If the table is the problem maybe the best option is to dump the table install the module and then re-import the table @dkayiwa

What is the database structure of the import table? Can you describe it such that i see its column names?

here is the table schema

As you can see, the column names that have spaces, and other special characters, are the cause of the error that you reported. So go ahead and do as you proposed.

The module has uploaded successful but once i try to navigate to /subscription i’m getting these error

I’m following on this guide

What is the exact url?


@dkayiwa Are you able to tell where the issue could be?

There is nothing extra that I have done other than just to install the module

@ningosi @raff do you have suggestions on what I could do here to get the ocl module to run?

That is the failing change set. I don’t see any problem. What version of mysql are you using?

i’m able to get past the changeset issue, the issue at current is this, which I don’t understand why it’s even occurring

What happens when you use the latest release of the webservices module?

I’m still getting a 404 even with Rest Web Services OMOD

Can you restart tomcat?

@jecihjoy did you get past the error 404?

no, not yet @aojwang

Can you share the server side log after restarting?

Link to the server username : pocadmin password : POCadmin123

Link to the logs

kindly help debug why I’m getting 404s everytime I try to access ocl