Linking search and registartion


I have a use case where I need to have a create patient button in the search app in reference application such that when a patient is missed through searching, one can just click the button to redirect tot he registration page. Anyone who has done that already I can extend? @mksd @ssmusoke @darius @raff

@ningosi That is already there on the Search Page. I suggest you do the following:

  1. Disable the current search widget on the home page

  2. Create a new search widget and add the registationAppLink which will enable the button, see example from UgandaEMR

{ "id": "ugandaemr.findPatient", "instanceOf": "coreapps.template.findPatient", "description": "Basic patient search that goes to the patient dashboard", "order": 2, "extensions": [ { "id": "ugandaemr.findPatientLink", "extensionPointId": "org.openmrs.referenceapplication.homepageLink", "type": "link", "label": "", "url": "coreapps/findpatient/", "icon": "icon-search", "requiredPrivilege": "App: coreapps.findPatient" } ], "config": { "registrationAppLink": "registrationapp/" } }


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