Linking Provider with user on Xforms

I am new to OpenMRS Xforms how do i link providerid with user(openmrs user).

Do you have any providers on your equivalent of this screen?

Yes i have providers. On our setting in most cases the provider who attend the patient is the one who enters the data into the system.

How many rows of providers do you have on your equivalent of?

I have 50 providers.

Do you mind sharing a screenshot?

Can you try create a new form and tell us if it also faces the same problem?

The forms are working fine but the person who created the forms has fixed one provider_id. This means that all encounters are attached to one specific provider which in reality it is not the case there are also other providers. I want to change that so we can be able to select other providers on data entry.

Create a new form and tell me if it also has one provider.

Ok thank you I have been able to set the provider selection although it is not the way I intend to do but this is fine.

How did you intend to do it?

I wanted to link openmrs user with the provider id. Such that the person who has login on openmrs is saved as a provider when submitting the form. But this is also fine.