Linking of Encounter, Visit and Observation fhir resources in OpenMRS DB

Hi - I am able to post encounter, obs and visit using fhir apis, but not able to see them linked on UI for a patient. When I create them from UI , they are linked properly and shown in appropriate place. Also I have noticed below. 1- The encounter fhir post call creates a record in visit table but not in encounter table 2- Encounter created from the UI creates a record in the Encounter table not in visit table.

3- If I create a visit record from ui , I can add an Encounter to it. That makes sense. But why same thing is not happening through FHIR api.

I have already gone through the topic at below link but still have these doubts. [FHIR Encounter, Visit, & Observation resources]

Could someone please help me on this. Thanks.

Can you share an example of the data that you are posting, together with the url that you are posting to?