Linking Diagnosis & Medication tabs to forms

Hi all. I would like to know whether i can link the fields in main consultation tabs (Like orders, diagnosis, medication etc) to the custom made fields in observation forms?

For Example: I have attached two screenshots. I would like to know whether it is possible to link the the drug name field in first screen shot (Medication tab) with the drug name field in second screenshot (Medication form)

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No. Observation are different than medication orders. Forms allow only observations right now. Its possible to list out meds (for data capture) in the obs, but they will not be saved as “med orders”.

Dear Angshuman Sarkar, How should I list out drugs in observation form?

@hpone You will need to create them as regular obs concepts and add them to the form. Please note, in this case, they will be recorded as observations, they will be saved as medication orders.

Can u explain the use-case for this? Seems like might need a feature enhancement to Bahmni Forms, to support adding of Drug Concepts.