Link Error for /dev/1


I was recently browsing through the badges for OpenMRS Talk and found that clicking on the link in “Smart Developer” doesn’t bring you to the survey monkey page. (See picture)

Clicking on the link doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t know if this is just a error on my computer side, but I found that copying and pasting the link that it redirects to ( in another tab brings you there. Just wanted to post this in case anyone else got the same problem I did. If anyone could try this and see if it redirects you that would be great.

Here’s the link:


I went to the same page and tried clicking it but it didn’t redirect me to another page. I was able to open the survey monkey page by clicking the link in the html tag using inspect element.

Hovering over the blue part of the text, you can see the redirect link without needing the inspect element. (See bottom left of screenshot) Still don’t know why it doesn’t redirect you though.

I think the problem is that the layout of the smart developer badge is appearing in front of the text, which is blocking us from clicking the link in the text. You may have noticed that you cannot highlight the text as well. So the problem may lie in the CSS styling.