Limit of 100 messages

Hi all who help administer Talk (@burke, @r0bby, et al),

Recently I have more and more frequently been seeing that email notifications from Talk are being suppressed because a 100 message count limit was reached.

Apparently this even includes posts that I am explicitly mentioned in, since Mark just asked me if I had seen Rafal’s post in which he asked me a direct question and I hadn’t gotten it.

Is there something we can do about this? Is this a configurable setting that we can raise given the increased communication going through this channel? Especially now that the Bahmni team uses Talk for all of it’s support as well, 100 messages per day is not sufficient anymore for monitoring the lists.

Thanks, Mike

Here is some detail about that feature:

@mseaton, 100 mails a day from Talk seems like a lot though. Are you getting notified any time anyone makes a post or reply? I think you can configure your email preferences on your profile.

Thanks @pascal - yes, I have intentionally set my email preferences to “Enable mailing list mode” and “Send me an email for every new post”.

There is a lot I’d rather not get, but there is also a lot I would miss if I didn’t do this. It is far easier for me to quickly go through emails and delete or tag them as needed, then to have to actively choose to go onto talk and browse around and see what’s happening. It allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of things and stay in the loop.

Is there a particular strategic reason why we have kept this capped at 100? It sounds to me like someone in the discourse community just decided to do this one day and add a default of 100 and we accepted it :slight_smile: What is the downside to removing the cap altogether? Can’t we manage this socially? (eg. if too many people are using talk as a pseudo-IRC-channel, ask them to take their conversation elsewhere).

Thanks, Mike

I see no problem in upping it to 500 or 1000. I’ll see if I can get it done.

I upped it to 300 – if this doesn’t work – we’ll try 500.

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Thanks for the help @pascal and @r0bby

Our community is growing but not to the tune of 500 messages a day for a single user…I’d actually hate to be that user if that was the case!

thanks @r0bby by for being so responsive to this need.