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Does the statement “The complete Bahmni package is licensed under AGPL v3” ( apply for the contents of the Bahmni Wiki as well?

I’d like to do some restructuring and optimization for our use case and maybe publish it on GitHub for easier access. I’d prefer to improve the official documentation but building a consensus about non-trivial changes via the forum seems like taking lot of time (see thread Suggestions for improved structure of the “Implementer’s Guide”).

Thanks for bringing this to my notice.

The Bahmni documentation is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).

I have added the license notice to every page of Bahmni Wiki:

I am not sure of how you would publish it to Github, unless you plan to publish it as HTML, because there isn’t a markdown version available. Also I think its a really bad idea to copy and republish, because the Bahmni team and community will only be maintaining and updating the WIKI documentation on Confluence, and then on the internet there will end up being two copies of Bahmni Documentation – where one is behind/different from the other – which could confuse people.

I would encourage you to consider collaborating to make changes to the existing Wiki.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Gurpreet,

Thank you for adding the Creative Commons license to the Bahmni wiki!

I am also not yet sure how to proceed. There are just some rough ideas. I have created a GitHub repo kch-training where I’d like to see (in long term) a complete training program for our staff for all the skills required from a Bahmni Implementation Engineer. While the wiki is a comprehensive documentation I think we’ll need some specialized materials for those training purposes. Probably, I’ll copy little parts into Markdown files later on. Yes, those copies would need to be kept in synch.

However, you can rest assured that my intention is far from trying to fork your WIKI and confuse people. I don’t think Google will index the Markdown files from the “kch-training” repo…

I am happy to help out.

I understand. This makes sense.

We are also creating Training material for Bahmni to onboard implementers / partners. You are correct in saying that Wiki documentation and training documentation are different, although there would be some overlaps.

I would also recommend that it would be great if you could record some screencasts that can be helpful for users/implementers to ramp up on Bahmni. We can upload them on Bahmni YouTube channel if you like, or I can link to your videos from the Bahmni Video Catalogue.

/cc: @arjun, @binduak


I have taken up your idea to make a recording of our training sessions. Here is a recording of the first part of the git introductory course I plan to give for our staff at Kirpal Sagar:

I am not sure if this type of video is good enough for a reference in the Bahmni wiki. There are a few imperfections here and there but I am not able to create better videos given the time and budget available for planning, recording and editing.

This is good – and exactly the kind of video I had in mind to help implementers / developers understand how to work with Bahmni.

I have a suggestion – you could maybe update the description of the video saying: An introduction to Git version control system and how to fork, clone, and submit a pull request for Bahmni code in Github".

Shall I link this video in the catalogue and on this page:

Yes, this description is better. I have copied it over to Youtube.