Leveraging OpenMRS Sync to Push/Pull Data to Multiple End Points

I would like to find out the plans for being able to configure multiple end-points for Sync2 with the ability to control what data is shared with an end-point, hopefully being able to even define a custom data set to be pushed and pulled

Take for example

  1. Main Push Endpoint - sync everything all data changes
  2. Appointment Push End point - push data for appointments made all that is needed is patient demographic, appointment date for specified encounters
  3. Appointment Pull Endpoint (pull from parent) - pull feedback from the appointment reminders
  4. Dispensing Push End Point - push data for prescriptions to be collected
  5. Dispensing Pull End Point - pull data for drugs dispensed, return visit (may change based on stock available), any additional drugs provided

Is this part of the road map, how can it be approached?

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Hi @ssmusoke

First of all the current version of the Sync 2.0 based on the tree architecture (https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/projects/Sync+2.0+Architecture+Overview) - one Parent node and multiple Child nodes connected to the Parent ( each child can also act as a Parent, which allows a multi-level Sync network).

Secondly using the Sync configuration in the Child nodes you can specify which kind of data should be synchronized. I hope this will be helpful - https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/projects/Sync+2.0+configuration+variables.

Is it helpful for you?

cc: @kmadej

@alalo Thanks I had missed your response let me look into this