Let's Create a Health Care Platform for Africa's Poor

Hi OpenMrs’ers,

I am an Ethiopian, living in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, an IT guy for years, who worked on several open source solutions.

I am writing this to you to tell you my interest to work on creating a health-care platform from which the “poorest” in Africa can benefit. I have introduced this to many colleagues and senior people here.

My wish is if we can organize a project that can make all African concerned professionals around Africa (or the world) to collaborate for such a solution, it can be a show case to change Africa’s technological future.

I had written an article on this idea on LinkedIn that can take OpenMRS further by integrating it with other systems…


With best Regards,

Eyob A.

@eyobalemu link looks incomplete

Thank you very much.

I have now corrected it.



Eyob A.

@eyobalemu do you think we can start with existing solutions like OpenMRS without re-inventing the wheel ?

No re-inventing the wheel. OpenMRS is still at the core with several extensions. I don’t know the details but this platform itself (I have discovered recently) can be a candidate for the collaboration part.

However, other tools will definitely be important for integration.

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@eyobalemu any stake holders you have contacted or you’re piloting ?