legacyui conceptForm necessary privileges and require tag


I created role “radiology admin” which should be able to create/edit concepts.

While figuring out which privileges are needed to access the conceptForm.jsp I see that the jsp only requires

“Manage Concepts” but it actually also requires:

  • Get Forms (to show the Concept Usage like “Obs for this concept: 0”)
  • Get Observations
  • Get Patient Programs

otherwise you get:

which is weird since the user is allowed to “Manage Concepts” so he should see the concept he was able to lookup.

He should simply not see the concept stats/usage in obs.

Proposing solution:

Add a hasPrivilege tag around the concept sidebar portion concerned with showing the stats:

@teleivo i like your proposal. It makes perfect sense! :smile:

solved here https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/LUI-102