Legacy UI module - Snapshot Dependencies

While working on the module, @burke and I thought it is a good idea to release the working functionality and continue work on the rest functions.

While trying to release, I came across that maven release cannot happen when there are snapshot dependencies. You can take a look at the module’s root pom here:

Talking further with @wyclif , there are a few questions that have come up.

  1. Is a release required?
  2. If yes, should look into some way of overcoming the snapshot dependencies.
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I just see no value in making the effort to release a module that is never going to be used by anyone, there is no released platform version that requires the module since all released version, master and all our maintenance branches already have the legacy UI.

If you really want to release the module, I think you can set -DignoreSnapshots=true so that the maven release plugin can ignore the snapshot dependency.