legacy ui logout button issue

Hello all;

The legacy logout button works well in platform,in the reff app 2.9.0 but fails to work in the late reff app 2.10.0-SNAPSHOT,could this be because of the reff app changes in frameworks like the UI framework and other reff app modules which could be overriding the functionality of the legacy logout button or something quite different here …

Requesting for your thoughts on this …

@mogoodrich @wyclif @mozzy @ruhanga

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i am going to try out this since we are testing the reference app 2.10 snapshot

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You mean the logout on the legacy app? (See image below).

For what it’s worth, it appears to be working fine with the PIH EMR… (which is running OpenMRS 2.3.0) but I haven’t done any detailed testing.

Take care, Mark

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@gcliff I’m seeing the same behaviour on uat-refapp.openmrs.org. Can you open an issue for it?

Reproduction steps:

  1. Login to RefApp
  2. Drill down to Legacy UI (/admin/index.htm)
  3. Click “Log out”
  4. Get redirected to /logout, which results in a 404 error.
  5. Click the back button
  6. Still logged in to the admin UI

Note that I also get a 404 error for https://uat-platform.openmrs.org/openmrs/logout, although I don’t know whether that’s expected or not.

@ibacher the issue is already available

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@ibacher its not the expected behavior ie its supposed to throw you back to the login page