Legacy UI 1.9.0 released (with important bug fix)

FYI… we have just released a new version 1.9.0 of the Legacy UI module, that fixes a bug that likely would have affected anyone using custom patient dashboard tabs. More info about the bug can be found here:



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Wow, thanks @mogoodrich. Seems a problematic bug to say the least. Thanks for your time fixing this and making the fix/notice so publicly clear! :bouquet:

@dkayiwa is this the kind of thing we’d consider doing a RefApp 2.12 patch release for, since 2.12 is using LUI 1.8.2? Or do we trust that people will just use the latest versions of modules?

I do not find this worth going through the hassle of a patch release of the reference application.

Maybe this is an opportunity to rethink and simplify Reference Application Releases especially if they are that cumbersome

Releasing Ref App should be as easy as releasing a module

cc @burke @dev5