Learning about SPA / Microfrontends at the hackathon

There will be some people from the Microfrontends Squad at the hackathon to help people get started with Microfrontends and Single-SPA, the technologies behind the new OpenMRS front-end initiative.

Please note that we will expect some familiarity with Javascript and React. If either of these technologies is new to you, please see the following tutorials (they cover the minimum that participants will be expected to understand).

Javascript on CodeAcademy

React Tutorial

If you already have a good grip on both of those technologies, you can get a head start by doing The Single-SPA Tutorial and browsing around the OpenMRS Microfrontends Wiki.


@bistenes thanks for this great news , and the links. Are we to expect more tickets on the MF JIRA Board

That would be a good idea! However I think we’ll be focusing more on education and learning to work with Microfrontends (which will of course be largely hands-on) than “hacking.”

Oh thas great thanks.