Learn about Modulus on May 14!

Hey everyone. @elliott is planning to lead a discussion about contributing to Modulus & the Modulus UI during the OpenMRS University meeting on May 14. Hope to see you there!

If you have questions you’d like to discuss, feel free to add them here ahead of time.

Who is the audience for the May 14 university forum on Modulus:

  • Users of the module repository?
  • Module developers?
  • Developers who want to contribute to Modulus?
  • Developer who want to write a new client against Modulus?
  • Given the above divisions, whoever is left over?

I aim to serve developers who want to contribute to Modulus more than any other of those categories.

My hope is to use the meeting to help get people up and running, and able to contribute to Modulus. This would include some time explaining the structure of the application, and some examples of making small contributions to the code.

Ok. Then it might be good to share some ideas and/or get folks thinking about what they’d like to see happen with the module repository beforehand and then make sure that devs are aware of the topic ahead of time (i.e., not just “Modulus”, but something like “How you can help shape the new Module Repository”).

In terms of short-term goals for tweaks, aside from some low hanging fruit with the UI, you’d probably be better served to aim for enhancements that would directly benefit developers. That can motivate folks to contribute in the near term & get familiar with Modulus code.