launching bahmni automatically

Hi, i noticed that when i reboot my server i can have access to bahmni only on the server from another computer i cannot. In order for me to access from another machine i need to type this command again bahmni -i local --only bahmni-emr install. Please Is there a way to solve it ? Thank you

@jess you can only access a server installed on a given machine.

@jwnasambu what i was saying is that when i reboot the machine where i installed bahmni, in order for me to access bahmni again from another computer i always need to run this command bahmni -i local --only bahmni-emr install. Maybe there is a way to solve it

Sounds like on machine reboot, the services are down (but don’t come back up automatically). You might need to configure the bahmni services to come up automatically.

@gsluthra it is not working, httpd service is running but still i cannot access bahmni from my laptop. when i run bahmni -i local --only bahmni-emr install now it works.