Latest Releases Page discussion

Hi all,

So one of the features that we have been working on lately is the Latest releases page for AddOns. In the future, we might want to change the look of the homepage to something that is a mix of TopDownloaded, Recent Releases and Highlighted. However, for now, it would be worthwhile to discuss the look of this page and the info in it.

Please find below a screenshot of two of the different looks the page could have:

Design 1:

Design 2:

You may even suggest alternate designs for the above page as well.


cc: @darius @ruhanga


@reubenv thanks for this,

well in my view which is open to correction, i would suggest that we implement the micro-front end in the AddOns for better accessibility and user navigation experience since its were openmrs is shifting to with the help of @joeldenning and his team.


Hi @reubenv, many thanks for the improvements on Openmrs AddOns. The second view is quite intuitive, compact and carries more links to other useful views. It’d be quite nice having a simple label on each of the latest releases that shows the count of downloads probably within the last month, quarter or since last release, which ever would be credible.

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How about displaying as “3 days/months ago” instead of the date? I’d consider putting this column first, rather than at the end. And we need a way to indicate it’s the date of the latest release version.

This can surely be done but do we really need it? As in, since we are talking of the latest releases, the download count would be pretty low(many times even zero) and hence may not divulge any meaningful information to the user. That being said, let me know what you think and we can implement it accordingly :slight_smile:

Ah yes, this is another alternative to the way the date can be displayed. I’ll implement it and post some snapshots of how it looks.