Laminating labels / paper ID Cards

I’m interested in hearing about any experiences (positive or negative) anyone may have had in implementing an ID Card solution involving lamination of paper cards or labels.

My understanding is that the Bahmni team has used plastic sleeves for their ID cards at JSS, but does not laminate.

And from what I read here, the AMPATH team laminates pre-printed ID cards.

@ayeung / @burke - are there specific lamination supplies that you would recommend? Anything that you have had particularly good or bad experiences with?

Does anyone have any of their own experiences or recommendations to share?

In AMPATH, new ID cards are being pre-printed on A4 paper that include 5 ID cards. It has options to include barcode or not. Registration clerks will then fill out the demographic data on the card and then use the 10 mil thick laminating pouch for lamination (5 mil and 7 mil are too thin). The module also has option for reprint ID in case patient lost their ID card.

Thanks @ayeung! Are these pouches run through a hot or cold laminator? Do you have any details on what specific make/model laminator and pouches you use?

Thanks, Mike

Cost was an important factor for us at that time (when dealing with high patient volume) and we decided to keep the cost low and use this type of pouches.

I can get the laminator model info we are currently using in AMPATH tomorrow. Thanks!

Thanks @ayeung - that’s the same pouch that we’ve started testing with. Will be great to hear what laminator you’ve chosen, how well it has held up for your volume, and how happy you’ve been with it. Thanks! Mike

Thanks @ayeung! I’m helping Mike and the PIH team with testing out lamination options. I noticed you mentioned that 5mil and 7mil were too thin for the pouches,and that is helpful to know. Could you clarify what you mean by that? Did you find that these were too flimsy or wore down too quickly? Thanks!

Hi, @lsecordel, the 5 mil and 7 mil pouches were too soft and did not hold up well for our patients. We find 10 mil pouches working better and can keep the card in better shape.

@mseaton: We have gone through quite a few laminators as they tend to overheat. I checked with our Records Head and he said they just request for new order to replace the ones in AMPATH Central Center. I will share the models once he forwards the details as he has updated info.

Sorry for replying late, @mseaton and @lsecordel. I was waiting for the confirmation on laminator from the record in-charge. He has confirmed the following is correct.

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Thanks @ayeung!