Laboratory order auto generating drug orders

Hello All, We have a very uncommon issue. Each time a lab order is placed, it auto generate a prescription . See image. What could be wrong? Thanks.

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that isn’t possible. would be really weird. Is it the same meds in the prescription everytime?

Do you have any custom module, or using a fork?

Can u provide some details about: Version of Bahmni. Which modules are you using. And maybe how did you install this Bahmni? Any specific configurations done for Orders? And maybe if your configuration is on Github, u can share the link. It is def a “first time in Bahmni history” issue. :slight_smile:

Thanks @angshuonline and @gsluthra for your response. It was also very strange to me when my staff raised that issue. But I have figured out the cause. They migrated data from one instance to another and forgot to truncate drug_order table. Apparently when orders are made (drug and lab), a corresponding order_id would already exist in the drug_order table and that flag off the drug prescription.

Everything is working fine now. Thanks!

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