Laboratory Entry solution for Ref App 2.xx

hi guys, I am really new on OpenMRS and I am implementing this system into a small Clinic in Bolivia, so I installed the stand alone application (Ref App 2.11). They need to register the laboratory results for each patient. So I was wondering if there is a new module or solution to entry the laboratory results for a Patient for any 2.XX versions? I ´d read all the talks related and find out that the simple-Lab-entry module it is available just for older opemMRS versions (1.XX). Any suggestions? thank you very much in advance.

Ref App 2.11 should work well.

At the login page one needs to select location named Laboratory and after logging into the system he/she registers a patient then goes to the patient dashboard and records the patient results.

For several patients one needs to register each patient and then goes to their respective dashboard to record their lab results.

If your use case is as simple as entering lab results, you could create a simple form for entering them.

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We use the RefApp and htmlforms for lab results. The htmlform is available on github.

Note there are multiple tabs for different categories:

Many others have similar and better ways to easily capture. iSantePlus (Haiti) has an extensive form. Unfortunately their demo site is not available now.


thank you all @ball , @dkayiwa and @kdaud for the quick replies :slight_smile: @kadaud you mean that this simple-lab-entry module should work fine with de RefApp2.11 and all i need is to create another location called Laboratory? because while trying to start de module I got an error, but this was before open this ticket. I will try all the solutions and let you know. thank you very much !!

@lag001 If you do want to use the PIH lab result htmlform, you must change any PIH concept mappings (ie. conceptId=“PIH:xxx”) with a CIEL mapping.


thank you very much finally I manged to create the laboratory and medical history forms from “visit notes” template; and it is working fine for past visit notes and laboratories results. But one can only access to this view with super user privilegies (pic 1). and i would like to call this new forms from the vistis note view (pic 2). how can I add these new forms to the visit menu (pic 3)? thank you very much for you help.

Create a new user with provider role @lag001 . Admin role is usually unable to create/edit forms.

PIH doesn’t use this page, so hopefully another can suggest adding the “Action”.