Lab test Units 10⁶/mm³ are not displaying properly in Results print out of OpenElis


We are working with one of the implementations of Bahmni. As part of the implementation we have certain tests configured. One of the test is having units as 10⁶/mm³. This has been configured in OpenMrs and unit is syncing to OpenElis. We are able to view the lab unit properly in the OpenElis application(Lab results entry page and verification page etc.). But while we are taking the print out of results it is displaying as 10/mm³.

In print 42 AM

In Lab dashboard 23 AM

@darius @dimirtri This is high priority issue for us. Can we get it fixed in 0.91 version of Bahmni ?

Please update the ticket status, its assignee et most importantly a link to the PR to be reviewed. Here:

@mksd We don’t have a fix for it. We are seeking help from the community, if they can prioritize and fix it in 0.91 version of Bahmni.

I honestly don’t have an answer to that. Other implementations also wish for their reported defects to be prioritised. @darius?

Regarding the ticket, if your team is not in a position to actually fix the bug, can they investigate further as to where the issue arises in OpenElis? I’m also aware that this analysis might represent 90% of the work, but just asking anyway.

If you’re asking for someone in the community to work on this, then please give exact steps to reproduce it (on the demo server, or else on a local install), including any configuration to do up front, and then what page exactly where you’d see the error.

@padmavati offhand I would not expect this to be a top priority for community devs to work on for 0.91, because we’re mostly looking for low-hanging fruit in the EMR application.

In any case for someone else to pick this up it would be a prerequisite if either (a) your team can do some initial investigation (as Dimitri says) since you would already have a relevant environment set up, or (b) you provide complete instructions to reproduce.

@darius @mksd I have updated the steps to reproduce in JIRA card.

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